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Most commercial or industrial buildings have flat roof structures with Built-up roof systems in place. As we have moved into the new millennium single ply products have become more common. Single ply products are more state of the art sometimes being called the roof system of the future.

Built up roof systems:

Built up roof systems are built in place, using multiple layers of fiberglass reinforced plies adhered together with either hot asphalt or cold applied adhesive. Surfacing can be polyester reinforced cap sheet, gravel, or coatings. Correctly installed Built up Roof systems last 15-25 years.

Single Ply Systems:

Single ply roof systems are made of many types. PVC, TPO, EPDM to name a few. All of which allow faster, cleaner, applications without the use of smelly tar equipment or open flame equipment.

We agree the PVC roof product is a more proven roof system as the formulas have not changed for decades. Correctly installed some PVC products will last 25-30 years.

TPO roof products seam to be getting better but have not proven their life cycles since the last formula improvements. TPO products expected life expectancy is 15 years.

Both products are Polyester reinforced membranes meeting or exceeding Title 24 compliant requirements. Both products are light weight with superior seam strength.

Known as “cool roof systems” single ply systems are becoming more known as they take a larger part in the roofing market.

Additional advantages are

Low maintenance costs. Excellent resistance to environmental stresses including ozone and UV exposure and extreme weather conditions. Resistance too many chemicals, including restaurant grease, or fats. Single ply Membrane can be applied during inclement weather if necessary. Future work adding or moving equipment is easier and less cost. Reflective surface color reduces energy costs.